AMX Podcast Series

Join Hedgeweek and AMX as we explore the ecosystem revolution in fund management over five informative podcast episodes.

Creating great investment outcomes require investors, asset managers, consultants, and service partners to come together and collaborate. Too often the complexity and inefficient processes of our industry become a barrier to both innovation and the completion of routine investment operations.

Over the next five episodes, we will paint a clear picture of current best practice for modern fund management professionals and how technology and new ideas will fuel innovation in the space.

AMX Podcast Series: The ecosystem revolution in fund management

Introduction with James King, CTO, AMX

Part One: AMXConnect Store

Welcome to the digital revolution – how new ecosystems for managers and the end allocator are developing. First up, an example of how the institutional ecosystem works – the Store.

Part Two: ESG and ecosystems

ESG and ecosystems: What are pension funds looking for?

Part Three: CCFs (Common Contractual Fund)

CCFs (Common Contractual Fund): An ecosystem solution for managing cost and tax efficiency

Part Four: The frontiers of asset management distribution

New ways to engage with allocators: Crossing the digital frontier of asset management distribution

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